9 Scottish comedy dramas to make you laugh and cry

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The Scots are renowned for their dry, biting sense of humour. A nation whose pragmatic conscience makes it natural for them to blend humour with some of life's darker moments with ease. Mixing the two is sometimes referred to as black comedy — taboo in some cultures, but for the Scots a perfectly normal way of understanding and coping with some of life's problems, by laughing at them in turn.

These 9 comedy drama films, TV plays, and TV series make for an interesting insight into the Scottish psyche. Fun at all times. Sometimes confronting. Sometimes riveting. Bust most often of all, joyous.


  • Sunshine on Leith (2013) | Film
  • One Last Chance (2004) | Film
  • Orphans (1998) | Film
  • Comfort and Joy | (1984)
  • The Elephants' Graveyard (1976) | TV Play
  • Just Another Saturday (1975) | TV Play
  • Local Hero (1983) | Film
  • Hamish Macbeth (1995 - 1997) | TV Series
  • Gregory's Girl (1981) | Film