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Scotland is a one-of-a-kind country Its history is steeped in

Latest Story Famous authors born in Scotland by Rory C. Campbell

Scotland is a one-of-a-kind country

Its history is steeped in intrigue, valour and treachery. Surrounded by over 10 thousand miles (over 16 thousand kilometres) of rugged and beautiful coastline, its interior is littered with natural backdrops of breath-taking and mythical beauty. Everything about Scotland's past, natural history and traditional culture is executed on a grand, theatrical scale.

The Stories of Scotland

Scotland Productions creates, develops, produces, and presents entertainment projects with the best established and emerging creative talent in the greater Scottish community to realise captivating and theatrical storytelling. Our mission is to present the grandeur and spectacle of the Highland Theatre of Scotland to Scots and Scots' descendants around the world.

The stories of Scotland told through music, dance, theatre, film and books.


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