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Scotland is a one-of-a-kind country. Its history is steeped in

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Scotland is a one-of-a-kind country. Its history is steeped in intrigue, valour and treachery. Surrounded by over 10 thousand miles (over 16 thousand kilometres) of rugged and beautiful coastline, its interior is littered with natural backdrops of breath-taking and mythical beauty. Everything about Scotland's past, natural history and traditional culture is done on a grand, theatrical scale.

The bloody history of Scotland is embedded in the embattled walls of the several thousand castles scattered throughout the countryside. The kings, queens, regents, and pretenders to the throne of old have had no shortage of domains to conquer and in turn defend.

With its dominating craggy skyline and brooding deep glens the Scottish Highlands are devilishly unforgiving in winter, and bewitchingly beautiful in summer. The perfect setting for the passionate, the romantic, and the adventurous.

Scottish Diaspora

The Scots are famous for their sense of adventure and willingness to travel and create new beginnings throughout the world. Alex Salmond, who served as the First Minister of Scotland from 2007 to 2014, openly promoted a number of around 100 million people claiming immediate, direct or indirect Scottish descendancy. That's a lot of Scottish blood and passion outside of Scotland!

Scots are also more likely to leave their homeland and settle elsewhere than any other English-speaking peoples. — The Scotsman Newspaper

Amazing things happen when people from throughout the world join together to celebrate their Scottish heritage. New bonds are made, friendships found, and kinship acquired. The sense of belonging is both palpable and visceral.

Highland Theatre

Scotland Productions creates, develops, produces, and presents entertainment projects with the best established and emerging creative talent in the greater Scottish community to realise captivating and theatrical storytelling. Our mission is to bring the grandeur and spectacle of Highland Theatre to Scots and Scots' descendants living outside Scotland.

The stories of Scotland told through music, dance, theatre, and film. — Scotland Productions

The Stories of Scotland

Told through Music, Theatre, Dance, Film and Books

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