A romantic love affair with The Highlands of Scotland in 8 movies

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Hollywood movies, whether we like it or not, are responsible for a great deal of how we see the world.

Movies and TV have given us a popularised view of the Highlands of Scotland. And it's not without just cause either. For surely no one can deny the breath-taking beauty of The Highlands, and the passion that those views stir within the heart? The Highlands of Scotland are a place to love and be loved in return; a place to release unbridled passion, be that for another person, a place, or an ideal!

Some of these films may cause us to cringe a little today, but back in the day, they were cutting-edge, passionate, full of adventure, passion, hope, and love.

This weekend, why don't you hit the sofa, with a box of haggis-flavoured popcorn and binge-watch the lot. Including the whole 6 movies in the Highlander series of films, and the entire burgeoing box-set of the immensely popular Outlander series. By Sunday night, you'll have one foot up on the end of the sofa, a woman (or a man) wrapped up in one arm, and the other arm stretched up high above your head, wielding the remote control to the sky — and crying "Freedom!"

8 Movies to Watch

Includes films: Brigadoon, Highlander, Braveheart, Brave, Mrs Brown, Outlander, Rob Roy, Culloden.