8 Scottish films to steal your laughs

If there is no money to be made from stealing, then there at least a lot of laughs along the way. From stealing whisky, kitchen sinks, wine, or even bodies...

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If there is no money to be made from stealing, then there at least a lot of laughs along the way. From stealing whisky, kitchen sinks, wine, or even bodies to robbing coach loads of tourists (in the nicest possible way). From the days of the celebrated cattle thief Rob Roy, Scotland has had more than a little obsession with the fabled skills of the light-fingered. Especially if the thieves are of a benevolent disposition and like to give something back.

Restless Natives - Wikipedia

The soundtrack features music by Big Country. This music was not released on an album but was combined into two lengthy tracks, each featuring various pieces of music and clips of actors from the film's audio, which appeared on limited edition formats of two Big Country 12" singles.

Whisky Galore! (1949 film) - Wikipedia

Whisky Galore! is a 1949 British comedy film produced by Ealing Studios starring Basil Radford, Bruce Seton, Joan Greenwood and Gordon Jackson. It was the directorial debut of Alexander Mackendrick; the screenplay was by Compton MacKenzie, based on his 1947 novel Whisky Galore .

That Sinking Feeling - Wikipedia

That Sinking Feeling is a 1979 British comedy film written and directed by Bill Forsyth, his first film as a director. The film is set in his home city, Glasgow, Scotland. The young actors in film were members of the Glasgow Youth Theatre. The film also features Richard Demarco, the Edinburgh gallery owner, playing himself.

Whisky Galore! (2016 film) - Wikipedia

Whisky Galore! is a 2016 British film, a remake of the 1949 Ealing Comedy of the same name. It was directed by Gillies MacKinnon and stars Gregor Fisher, Eddie Izzard, Sean Biggerstaff and Naomi Battrick.

Burke & Hare (2010 film) - Wikipedia

Burke & Hare is a 2010 British black comedy film, loosely based on the Burke and Hare murders. Directed by John Landis, the film stars Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis as William Burke and William Hare respectively. It was Landis's first feature film release in 12 years, the last being 1998's Susan's Plan .

American Cousins - Wikipedia

American Cousins is a 2003 romantic comedy about a Scots-Italian fish and chip shop owner who gives refuge to his Mafia relatives when they go on the run. It was voted one of the top three Scottish films of all time by readers of magazine.

The Angels' Share - Wikipedia

Afterwards, Robbie approaches Thaddeus and negotiates a sale of three bottles for £200,000, and "a real job". They plan to make the exchange in Glasgow, and so begin the trek home, but inadvertently break two of their four bottles during an encounter with the police.

Filth (film) - Wikipedia

Filth is a 2013 British crime comedy-drama film written and directed by Jon S. Baird, based on Irvine Welsh's novel . The film was released on 27 September 2013 in Scotland, 4 October 2013 elsewhere in the UK and Ireland, 30 May 2014 in the United States.

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