6 places to find ghosts in Scotland

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Scotland is full of ghosts. Centuries old castles, graveyards and lonely corners of cities harbour numerous stories of the un-dead revisiting the world of the living. In this world of reality, science, and digital diversity, all of these stories must surely be fanciful imagination. Yet not only do the stories persist, they gather more attributions each year as to their spine-chilling veracity. The sightings of ghosts in Scotland is on the rise. Beware where you walk after dark!


  • The Ghosts of Mary King's Close in Edinburgh
  • The Headless Drummer and Phantom Piper of Edinburgh Castle
  • The Headless Spanish Soldier of Eilean Donan Castle
  • The Army of The Dead - the ghosts of Culloden
  • The Green Lady of Crathes Castle
  • The Green Lady of Stirling Castle